Private label

We offer our customers the opportunity to purchase our products under their own label. We can produce these products according to your existing recipe. There is also the possibility to develop together with our developers a completely new unique recipe. We can pack your products in various ways. In our factory with high care room, the following production processes are carried out under the strictest hygiene standards.


The beef for our steaks is manually selected by our meat inspectors before they are portioned at the desired weight and thickness by our butchers . To preserve freshness and tenderness we pack the steaks individually under vacuum. This allows the user to take the exact number of steaks from the carton box for further preparation. Our contribution to stopping the food wastage! Not only good for the environment but also for your wallet. To serve you, even more, we can put together mixed boxes with different steaks. We deliver our steaks fresh and deep-frozen.

Seasoning and marinating

Our product developers have developed a unique process for marinating and seasoning the meat, which preserves the taste, tenderness and valuable nutrients. We give the herbs, spices and marinade ample time to give off their  taste, colour, and odour to the meat. A huge difference one can taste! We are happy to develop your unique spice mix or marinade for your products.


Our chefs cook the meat slowly in an artisanal way. This preserves taste and valuable nutrients. If desired, we can also cook the meat in a broth. Adding a marinade or sauce after cooking is also possible.

Sous-vide preparation

With this preparation technique, the meat is first vacuum-packed and then cooked for a long time at a relatively low temperature. The meat, therefore, retains its taste and nutritional value and, in addition, becomes particularly tender. A huge advantage of sous-vide products is that it is fast and very easy to regenerate. Our meat stews, for example, are cooked sous-vide.